The objectives of the ESSB-Swabury KG

In co-operation with actors from the SADC-States and the EU, especially Germany, we want to assist companies with their investment projects in Eastern and Southern Africa. We will find the right co-operation partner for you and inform you about the latest developments in the region. We provide you with information on ongoing and future investment projects.


The Eastern and Southern African States are not a geographic unit as such but can be better described as an economic community named SADC-The Southern African Development Community . This economic community includes the countries named below.

I Angola I Botswana I Congo I Lesotho I Malawi I Mauritius I
I Mozambique I Namibia I South Africa I Seychelles I
I Swaziland I Tanzania I Zambia I Zimbabwe I

The German Office for Foreign Trade (bfai)

The bfai is our new co-operation partner.

We will find you an internship placement in the SADC-States. more
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